Week 6 Tutorial Tasks

Week 6 Tutorial Task


The task for this week was to complete a few activities while sticking to my political beliefs. I completely understand that our views are subject to opinions and opinions often don’t align. I hope not to offend anyone with my political opinions, and if you don’t agree with me, feel free to comment below and tell me why!

  1. I kick-started the list of activities by signing an e-petition. I went onto the Queensland Parliament website to sign an e-petition that aligned with my political views. There weren’t many that I could say made me desperately want to sign my name against them but I decided to sign the petition for:



Request for additional trains on the Gold Coast line in peak hours


Queensland residents

Sponsoring Member:

Michael Crandon MP

Principal Petitioner:

Anglea Shilliday


Unit 20 Hope Island Central


340 Hope Island Road





Number of Signatures:


Posting Date:


Closing Date:



It’s not really an issue that I’m passionate about but it is something that I somewhat agree with. I do believe this will boost the tourism in the Gold Coast and benefit those living in that area.


  1. I was unsure about how to send Barak Obama a message, but I initiated a ‘tweet’ to his party touching on the importance of freedom on the internet.
  2.  I found out my local, state and federal representatives were and I sent Bill Glasson a warm message wishing him the best for the campaign.
  3. I let my local member know what I thought about their last speech and whether I agreed with his policies.

It’s quite difficult to compete all the activities without sticking completely to my political beliefs as a Liberal girl. I do think that the National Broadband Network is important. However, this is one of Labours plans which I unfortunately won’t be voting for. I believe Labour has had their chance to create change and they failed.

Thanks again for reading.


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