Week 6 Readings

This week had three important readings including the reading by Whitman which caught my attention the most. It questions how well does music predict your politics? The reading shows the quirky tastes of music that politicians have and how they reflect their polls. I’m not too sure about the accuracy of this article but it was quite amusing to read! It was an interesting notion that individuals can be united by the similarities in music taste. I’ve attached the Table below so that you can see it yourself!

It was quite strange to see the what types of artists whose fans were most correlated to the Republican or Democratic party. I’ve attached the list below

Artists whose fans are most correlated to Republican

  • 1. Kenny Chesney
  • 2. George Strait
  • 3. Reba McEntire
  • 4. Tim McGraw
  • 5. Jason Aldean
  • 6. Blake Shelton
  • 7. Shania Twain
  • 8. Kelly Clarkson
  • 9. Pink Floyd[7]
  • 10. Elvis Presley

Artists whose fans are most correlated to Democrat

  • 1. Rihanna
  • 2. Jay-Z
  • 3. Madonna
  • 4. Lady Gaga
  • 5. Katy Perry
  • 6. Snoop Dogg
  • 7. Chris Brown
  • 8. Usher
  • 9. Eminem
  • 10. Bob Marley

What party do you align your music taste with?  The republicans would have my vote based on music taste.


Stockwell, Stephen and Adam Muir (2003). “The Military-Entertainment Complex: A New Facet of Information Warfare”Fibreculture Journal 1(1)

Whitman, B. (2012) “How well does music predict your politics?” http://notes.variogr.am/post/26869688460/how-well-does-music-predict-your-politics

Pangburn, D. (2011)  “Digital Activism From Anonymous to Occupy Wall Street: a Conversation With Gabriella Coleman”.  http://www.deathandtaxesmag.com/157192/digital-activism-from-anonymous-to-occupy-wall-street-a-conversation-with-gabriella-coleman/ 

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