Week 6 Readings

This week had three important readings including the reading by Whitman which caught my attention the most. It questions how well does music predict your politics? The reading shows the quirky tastes of music that politicians have and how they reflect their polls. I’m not too sure about the accuracy of this article but it was quite amusing to read! It was an interesting notion that individuals can be united by the similarities in music taste. I’ve attached the Table below so that you can see it yourself!

It was quite strange to see the what types of artists whose fans were most correlated to the Republican or Democratic party. I’ve attached the list below

Artists whose fans are most correlated to Republican

  • 1. Kenny Chesney
  • 2. George Strait
  • 3. Reba McEntire
  • 4. Tim McGraw
  • 5. Jason Aldean
  • 6. Blake Shelton
  • 7. Shania Twain
  • 8. Kelly Clarkson
  • 9. Pink Floyd[7]
  • 10. Elvis Presley

Artists whose fans are most correlated to Democrat

  • 1. Rihanna
  • 2. Jay-Z
  • 3. Madonna
  • 4. Lady Gaga
  • 5. Katy Perry
  • 6. Snoop Dogg
  • 7. Chris Brown
  • 8. Usher
  • 9. Eminem
  • 10. Bob Marley

What party do you align your music taste with?  The republicans would have my vote based on music taste.


Stockwell, Stephen and Adam Muir (2003). “The Military-Entertainment Complex: A New Facet of Information Warfare”Fibreculture Journal 1(1)

Whitman, B. (2012) “How well does music predict your politics?” http://notes.variogr.am/post/26869688460/how-well-does-music-predict-your-politics

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Week 6 Tutorial Tasks

Week 6 Tutorial Task


The task for this week was to complete a few activities while sticking to my political beliefs. I completely understand that our views are subject to opinions and opinions often don’t align. I hope not to offend anyone with my political opinions, and if you don’t agree with me, feel free to comment below and tell me why!

  1. I kick-started the list of activities by signing an e-petition. I went onto the Queensland Parliament website to sign an e-petition that aligned with my political views. There weren’t many that I could say made me desperately want to sign my name against them but I decided to sign the petition for:



Request for additional trains on the Gold Coast line in peak hours


Queensland residents

Sponsoring Member:

Michael Crandon MP

Principal Petitioner:

Anglea Shilliday


Unit 20 Hope Island Central


340 Hope Island Road





Number of Signatures:


Posting Date:


Closing Date:



It’s not really an issue that I’m passionate about but it is something that I somewhat agree with. I do believe this will boost the tourism in the Gold Coast and benefit those living in that area.


  1. I was unsure about how to send Barak Obama a message, but I initiated a ‘tweet’ to his party touching on the importance of freedom on the internet.
  2.  I found out my local, state and federal representatives were and I sent Bill Glasson a warm message wishing him the best for the campaign.
  3. I let my local member know what I thought about their last speech and whether I agreed with his policies.

It’s quite difficult to compete all the activities without sticking completely to my political beliefs as a Liberal girl. I do think that the National Broadband Network is important. However, this is one of Labours plans which I unfortunately won’t be voting for. I believe Labour has had their chance to create change and they failed.

Thanks again for reading.


Week 6 – Politics – Who are you voting for?

Before studying this week’s topic of ‘Politics and the Internet’, I wouldn’t have labelled myself as a person which is actively involved in any type of politics. I come from a politics free family, with a satisfactory understanding of the Australian Political Party systems. It was so fascinating to see what party aligns with my core values as the election is not far away! I am genuinely pleased that I completed the tutorial tasks to find out my political position, as it will help me vote in the coming weeks for the party that I believe will move Australia forward.

Although politics is quite a personal/private topic that people tend to disagree on, I’ve decided to share where my political views aligned before and after the questionnaire. Before the questionnaire, I would have voted Labour. I believed Kevin Rudd had the ability to speak well, answer questions in a timely manner and also ask challenging questions to the opposition. I disliked the fact that Rudd often commented that Tony Abbot wouldn’t be able to handle the big position. It was interesting to see how Rudd made comments about Tony Abbot lacking the ‘temperament to deal with crises like Seria’ (Sheridan 2013).  After a series of long questions, I found two topics out of the thirty questions that I felt quite passionately about such as the economy, in bringing the budget back to surplus and the controversial topic of gay marriage.

Firstly with the topic of the budget, I researched a graph found on the Australian Conservative website. This image depicts the two parties and how much money they spent. During the times that labour has been leading the nation, we have faced numerous economic crisis such as the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 (Courier Mail, 2013).


Secondly, I believe in modern society homosexuality is widely accepted. I accept homosexuality and do not frown upon homosexuals. However, I do believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman.


Complete the quiz yourself to help you vote for the right party!




Sheridan, Greg 2013, ‘Rudd’s delusions of grandeur are alarming – ELECTION 2013′, News Digital Media, Canberra A.C.T, retrieved 30 August 2013, [http://search.proquest.com.libraryproxy.griffith.edu.au/docview/1428310423].