Week 1 – An Introduction

Hello and Welcome to my 1501 HUM blog about ‘New Communication Technologies. So, you’re probably wondering a little bit about me. My name is Isabella and I am a first year student, thrilled to share my thoughts of what I will learn.  I am currently completing a Bachelor of Arts degree at Griffith University. For this post today I will share with you what I have gathered from the first lesson of News Communication Technologies.

In this weeks tutorial, we discussed:

  • The course structure
  • the difference between OLD and NEW MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES (as seen below).
  • How we should view the course in a Sociological point of view and implement our thoughts in our blog


After completing this task, It made me wonder why our media technologies have changed and evolved? I came up with two answers. 

ImageFrom what I have gathered the two reason that technologies may have evolved is from saving time and cost cutting. I’m excited to see if my theory is correct through the weeks of studying this course, and I am interested to see why and how technologies have changed and what may be next for us!